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First legal medical cannabis sells in Georgia


"'I've waited my whole life for this moment,' Trulieve shift supervisor Zach Easterwood said. 'My grandfather was a cancer patient. He died because he didn't have access to this. So being able to be here and give someone else's grandfather relief is lifechanging.'

Easterwood said the Marietta location would sell tinctures, capsules and topical lotions ranging in price depending on the dosage and the product. Possessing medical cannabis in Georgia has been legal since 2015, but it took families, lobbyists and ultimately state lawmakers eight years to find a way to obtain it within state lines."

Source: 11Alive
Click here for the full article.

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NBA Removing Cannabis Bans for Players

Written by Lori Ann Reese

When you are a professional athlete, using cannabis isn’t an option.  That is because, traditionally, all major league organizations do randomized drug testing.  And if an athlete tests positive for THC or any other controlled substance, they face some serious consequences whether the player has a medical card or not. 

The new seven-year collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association reached a tentative agreement on Saturday, April 1st, 2023. This comes after the MLB (Major League Baseball) announced in 2022 that it would permit players to endorse cannabidiol (CBD) products.  Teams in the MLB can now sell sponsorships to reputable CBD brands. 

The National Basketball League is moving to formalize something that has already been an unofficial process.  For the past three years, the NBA has suspended testing players for marijuana: a move that was implemented during the Covid-19 quarantine. 

But the new contract for NBA players goes beyond validating the medicinal use of cannabis for symptoms like pain and inflammation.  It also opens up professional basketball players to get entrepreneurial and become spokespersons or investors in America’s growing cannabis industry. 

Click here for link to full blog post.

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DocMJ Expands Medical Cannabis Physician Practice to Georgia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

“We are excited to expand our services by providing compassionate care for those seeking the medicinal benefits of marijuana in three additional states. This growth allows us to expand our services to more patients with added efficiency through economies of scale.”
- Aaron Bloom, CEO


Click here for the full article!
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