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New Patient Resources: Using Medical Cannabis

Lori Reese

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If you just received your medical cannabis card and you have not used cannabis before, we have some valuable tips to share with you. What are the different types of intake methods, and which one is right for you? From rolling papers to using cannabis topicals to help with pain relief, DocMJ answers your frequently asked questions to help you get started. 

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What's the Safest Way to Consume Marijuana?

When it comes to consuming your medical marijuana (MMJ) products, what usually comes to mind? Many people associate smoking joints or packing a bowl or pipe when you consume Cannabis. But smoking Cannabis is not the only option, and it isn’t a safe choice if you have lung disease or cardiovascular problems like COPD.

Choosing which consumption method works best for you can be an overwhelming experience for some. But there are many different routes to choose from that can provide therapeutic benefits.  

Read More >> https://docmj.com/whats-the-safest-way-to-consume-marijuana/


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Can Cannabis Give Your Self-Esteem a Boost?


Feelings of sadness and dissatisfaction in life can stem from low self-esteem issues. Have you ever wondered if medical marijuana for self-esteem issues would work for you? This article will talk about the causes of poor self-esteem and how cannabis, combined with counseling psychology, may help.

Check it out on our blog >>> https://docmj.com/can-cannabis-give-your-self-esteem-a-boost/


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What is Cannabis Assisted Mental Health Therapy?


The use of cannabis-assisted psychotherapy could help escalate the therapeutic process for patients. And promote relief of symptoms that result from the inability to express pain, loss, or traumatic experiences. Patients may experience improved mood and heightened self-awareness, demonstrating more progress in resolving their underlying mental health concerns.

Learn more >>> https://docmj.com/what-is-cannabis-assisted-mental-health-therapy/


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What is the Difference Between Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana?




Many people live in a state that has a medical cannabis program and legalized recreational use. If you have your medical card, you may be wondering whether you should keep it, as recreational requires no registration fee or health check-up. Or adherence to state medical marijuana laws.

If you have not applied for your medical marijuana card, you may also be weighing the advantages of being a registered patient versus purchasing cannabis from a recreational dispensary. There are many reasons why physicians recommend medical marijuana to patients who have medical conditions.

Read more >>> https://docmj.com/difference-medical-recreational-marijuana/

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